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Open Data Hackathon

Ain’t No Party Like an Open Data Party

February 23rd @ 10am: Open Data Hackathon!

MDI is hosting a Milwaukee event for International Open Data Day. This is an international event, and we are putting ourselves on the “open data” map by participating! 

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Who is this event for? EVERYONE! Developers, Designers, Librarians, Statisticians and Residents who Love Data!

If you have an idea for using open data, want to fina an interesting project to contribute towards, learn about how to visualize or analyze data or simply want to see what’s happening, then definitely come participate! No matter your skillset or interests, we are encouraging organizers to foster opportunities for you to learn and help the global open data community grow.

What to Expect

A lot will be going on. So… expect to:

  • Learn more about open data.
  • Find out how your local and national government could do more to release open data.
  • Engage local non-profits and companies in the uses of open data for the products and missions
  • Meet & network with tons of cool people in your city and around the world.
  • Voice your opinion & share your ideas with the people and media attending.
  • Find out about apps being created, and get to play around with them as well.
  • Help out with parts of the conceptualization, creation, design, advertisement and testing of apps.
  • Conduct an open tutorial sessions around using open data,like learning how to customize google maps to show the data you want to show.
  • Have lots and lots of fun.

What to Bring

Anything! Bring your laptops, mobile phones, phasers set to stun, etc. but above all, your energy and your brains! We’re trying to make this event very hands on, so feel free to bring all your wacky geektronics so that you can participate in all the fun. Don’t worry if you don’t bring anything since there will still be tons of stuff to do. If you have or want to work on specific data, scrape it before the event! Don’t worry about cleaning it up, we can do it there!


The App Idea Wiki:

The Data Set Wiki:

A link to our Press Release: MDIHackathon-Pressrelease