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Update from the White House: Data is a Valuable Economic Driver

Thanks to Greg Meier over at VETransfer for shooting this my way. This is a great first step for any government entity looking to push open data: a statement of how valuable data is to their economic development plan. This could be something Milwaukee could emulate in its own way. Read on: Earlier today, President Obama signed an [...]

The OpenBudgetOakland Project

This is a great article about the efforts of fellow open data group Open Oakland, written by fellow datanaut Jeff Barke. SYNOPSIS: Today a group of Oakland’s civic hackers (the good guys) launched a powerful and simple new tool into the newly announced city budget debate: is an app that allows you to [...]

This is a great article about how technology can create economic development in smalelr cities. While Milwaukee is not small, we are also not the size of Chicago, Oakland or New York. It includes two case studies: a city of 80,000 and a city of 213,000. This post was originally listed on and written [...]