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MDI Featured on WUWM Lake Effect

On May 2nd, WUWM’s Amy Kiley interviewed Matt Richardson about MDI and what open data means for the City and County. It’s pretty short, but we’re excited that we are finally getting some press on this issue!

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Lake Effect | May 2, 2013

The Milwaukee Data Initiative advocates for the standardization and use of public information. For businesses, this data could mean efficiency and growth. For average folks, it could mean finding a parking spot or catching the bus on time.

Yesterday, MDI began helping with a competition through BuildHealth that asks people to create data-based healthcare innovations. The challenge culminates June 1 on the National Day of Civic Hacking. That’s “hacking” as in computer programming, not illegal activity, and even the White House is taking part.

“It’s the simple things that really will enhance every day civic life. Those are the kinds of data sets we really want to encourage people to open up and use,” MDI founder Matt Richardson explains.

“[Open data] makes it easier for people to do things that create economic development, like build an app or a website, or some other sort of innovative tool that can be used to promote the start up of a business, or enhancement of an existing business.”