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How media uses data to spark a dialogue

At the heart of all great investigations and journalism lies accurate data. That data helps a journalist formulate their idea and is used to present the information with greatest impact. So when I read this story from the Journal Sentinel on Sunday, I knew this was a great opportunity to talk about how accurate, timely data is important to the media.

We all probably have our preferred media outlets. We like them because their opinion resonates with us or their stories are interesting. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel can present stories what delight, inform and sometimes infuriate people. But when I see images like this one from the article on poverty, I think we are presented with a great opportunity to begin a debate on the best ways to address poverty and economic development:

So whether you agree with the Journal’s take on poverty or not, at least they are presenting the data to everyone in a way that can spark debate, solutions and action.

By the way, the JSOnline multimedia team is doing a bang-up job at crunching numbers and putting them on interactive maps: check out this city comparison map.