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Gov 2.0 Webcast Worth Listening To

I had this on a to-do list for a while, and cleaning out stuff for the new year I listened to it. Makes a strong case for open data/government 2.0.
–look at Gov 2.0/Open Data as a PLATFORM!
–Empower those who care enough to take action
–Make it easy for anyone to participate
Tim O’Reilly is the founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, one of the world’s leading computer book publishers and technology consultancies for open source, open standards and sensible intellectual property laws. He is a well-known thought leader on the use of web-related technologies to improve accountability and transparency in government, the movement known as Government 2.0. Referring to the “teachable moment” created by the iPhone, Government 2.0 should, in his view, be thought of as a platform that is most effectively used to create the possibility for the private sector to add value to government processes. Tim is our guest on this episode of Smart City.